This Defective Marth amiibo Proves Two Heads Are Better Than One

The amiibo defect extravaganza continues! You thought it was all over with these things didn’t you? If you haven’t checked out the double wielded Pit and half jaw Diddy Kong, you can view them here. This Marth shows us two heads are better than one… if that’s a good thing well… that’s up to you, this thing might make you cringe.

Marth posses all of his body parts, but there’s just a head lying there in the corner, giving you the creepy death stare. And to add more damage to the injury, Marth even has a defective sword. If you’re willing to fork over $1,500 for this creation of nature, you can purchase it on eBay right here. Have you had any success finding defective amiibo’s?

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