The ‘Tail’ of Bowser Jr. and How He Was Almost Cut From Super Smash Bros. for 3DS/Wii U

Bowser Jr. was a soothing refresh to the Super Smash Bros. character lineup. Not being merely a clone with smaller size and decreased power from his father Bowser. Not at all, instead game director Masahiro Sakurai went full fledged and gave Bowser Jr. a complete unique moveset, not only which was efficient, but also balanced. You can even play as any of the Koopalings using Bowser Jr. skins. which gave the Koopalings their look from the New Super Mario Bros. series.

Did you know that Bowser Jr. was nearly cut from Super Smash Bros. for 3DS/Wii U. Certainly, according Mr. Sakurai in a recent interview with Nintendo Dream. Mr. Sakurai says the proposal for the characters, which was on May 2012, and needed to give characters priority if they were going to be in the game. And Bowser Jr. just made it past the cut. You can read the full translation below. Thanks Garou.


ND: These games were produced together with Bandai Namco Games, how did this happen to be?

MS: When we created Kid Icarus 3DS we assembled people from several places, but we experienced problems and had some regrets with that. I had to do interviews and other HR-duties, which amounts to a lot of time and work. Obviously, everyone has different levels of experience and different ways of working, so bringing everything together was difficult. To solve this problem we thought it would be better to have one single company work for us, so we choose to work with Bandai Namco Games who produce Tekken and other games. When thinking about a Japanese company that can make a large-scale fighting-game, there was only this one company. It would be quite difficult for other companies I think.

ND: Are you content with how the actual production went?

MS: I learned how to hold it in and not go to the toilet. It was quite far away from my seat (laughs).

ND: Please don’t do that! You actually had some health-concerns, right? We heard you couldn’t move your right hand anymore.

MS: Even now a tendonitis or something like that hasn’t healed yet, I for example use my left hand to move a trackball. Smash Brothers is always a extremely hard development-process. Thinking about it now, I was quite lucky not getting sick in the past. I took care of myself a little better this time and it kind of worked out.

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