Check Out These Hilarious Defective Diddy Kong and Pit amiibo Found In The Wild

Diddy No JawPit Dual Wield

Toy producing isn’t any monkey business. With large masses of figures, there’s certainty bound for defects to pop up on shelves with amiibo hunters looking for to snag and put on eBay for atrociously high prices. More defects have been found, this time Diddy Kong and Pit getting some of the love. As pictured above, we can see some of the errors both are possessing.

The Diddy Kong has suffered the unfortunate event of missing the bottom part of his jaw. It almost looks like Diddy’s jaw resembles a bill. Pit on the other side, gets more of an advantage in his power. Pit has an additional Wield to use for attack, to the contrary to the 1 he has normally. That’s not all folks, there’s more where that came from.


Peach Reversed LegSamus No Foot

Peach and Samus join the battle… of defects! With the closeup pictures seen above, Peach legs are flipped backwards, making it even harder to walk in those heels. Samus on the right side, could surely appreciate any foot at all. Samus is completely missing a foot, and a dark gap can be seen where the foot would be.

That does it for defects for right now. Have you had any luck finding any defective amiibo figures on store shelves? Let us know in the comment section below.

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