amiibo Figures Are Having Tremendous Success at Best Buy; Neck to Neck With Disney Infinity

It’s evident that amiibo figures are selling of the shelves right now. With some figures being scarce; such as Villager and Wii Fit Trainer being extremely difficult to come across to in stores in North America. We know have confirmation that amiibo is at war with it’s competitors.

Coming from the retailer Best Buy, amiibo has outlasted Skylanders by 8% rise of increase and is tied with Disney Infinity of total sales in the retailer. This data is coming from Consulgamer with these data charts.

Amiibo sales at Best Buy

Nintendo has previously confirmed that amiibo has sold over 710,000 figures in over three weeks during it’s most recent NPD report. Entering a market with tough competition, the future of amiibo was unknown, but at this rate, the future seems bright over the time. Of course, Nintendo needs to release amiibo figures that will entice the consumers to feel the ‘need’ of buying it. How impressed has amiibo left you? Which figures would you like to be added in the future? Let us know in the comment section below.


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