Captain Toad Producer Koichi Hayashida Hints Future Installments Featuring Toads

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker is still a fairly new title that hit the videogame market recently in Japan during November and this month in North America (Europe in January 2015.) That hasn’t stopped Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker producer Koichi Hayashida from expressing future interest using Toad, Toadette, or other Toads appearing in future games starring them in their own game.

During a recent interview with Nintendo Life, Hayashida hinted how Toads may get some once again.

Would you like to see Captain Toad, Toadette and the other Toads appear in more of their own games in future?

Hayashida-san: Here in the development team we’ve really come to love Captain Toad and the Toad Brigade from Super Mario Galaxy! We’re really happy to have been able to make a game where they are the main stars. I hope we’ll be seeing them pop up in all sorts of other places in future.

Finally, are there any other franchises or Nintendo settings that you feel would suit these diorama puzzle mechanics?

Hayashida-san: In Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker, it feels like we managed to recreate the fun of the games we used to play on the NES, but with a modern twist. I worked on this project in parallel to the NES REMIX series [titles available on the Wii U eShop and 3DS] where we pick up some of the best bits from games on NES. I was thinking it might be interesting to turn some of the games there into box worlds like this too. Those of you who enjoyed the Time Attack mode in Captain Toad: Treasure tracker might also like the Time Attack challenges in NES REMIX. I hope you try them out and enjoy!

With the company peaking in expanding in new IP’s, the possibility for a sequel might seem likely if the demand and raving reception is there. Would you like to see a new Captain Toad game in the future? Let us know in the comment section below!

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