Hackers Unveil New Information About Hoopa In Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire


Be jealous. Very Jealous. Hackers have this Pokemon all to themselves, known as Hoopa. What can we do about it?
The answer is nothing. We just have to witness. If you are unaware about Hoopa, maybe this concept art may bring some of your memory back. Yeah, they are rather obscure looking.


The image on the left is Hoopa, while the one on the right is Hoopa in it’s alternate form. It’s one of the 3 Pokemon that were unveiled by hackers in Pokemon X and Y. Those 3 Pokemon were Diancie, Volcanion, and Hoopa. Dianice has already been distributed through GameStop stores, and although it hasn’t been released officially, you can see Volcanion Pokedex entry here. But what about Hoopa? Who is it?

Let this video by Sleepy Jirachi do the explaning or if you prefer, you can read the text script below:

Hoopa was inserted into Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire through Powersave
– It was then discovered that Hoopa triggered a new event inside Pokemon marts
– If a player goes into a Pokemon mart while carrying a Hoopa, a new Pokemon mart employee will show up in the corner of the building
– Talk to him and he’ll tell you a “scary story” about an old guy who duped the Pokemon mart employee into trading mart goods for an item that seemed useless
– The player is given the empty bottle since the man thinks the item is a valueless empty old bottle
– Called the “Prison Bottle”
– The man who gave it to the Pokemon mart employee kept talking about how its supposed to make Hoopa “unbound” for three days
– If you use the bottle on Hoopa, it transforms into the second image above: Hoopa Unbound
– Prison Bottle description: “A bottle believed to have been used to seal away the power of a certain Pokémon long, long ago.”
– Hackers found that an NPC in Pokemon X & Y would say the following about Hoopa (if you have it in your party):

The Legendary Pokémon That Only Hackers Own


The Legendary Pokémon That Only Hackers Own


You can find the full insight here, thanks to Kotaku. What’s you’re take on Hoopa? What would you do to get your hands on it?

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