Xenoblade Chronicles X Director Opens Up About The Games Mechanics

The man taking the lead in the game, Tetsuya Takahashi, has shared more information regarding the game through the use of Twitter, sharing small bits of information on how the mechanics of the game work.

Coming from a range of translated tweets, they have been translated into English for us to have more information about the upcoming title which is slated for next year in the West.

Here’s what Mr. Takahashi expressed on Twitter:

“Mr. Yanase is a well-known designer that has worked on Gundam 00 among other things,” Takahashi said. “The concept for the Dolls in this project was that one single convertible frame be able to transform into several vehicles, so I asked for his help, knowing that he would be able to realize that [concept]. If I recall correctly, I asked for his help around the time that Kotobukiya announced its new plastic model “Frame Arms Series.”

Also referring to the artistic aspects of the game, he refereed to Kouichi Mugitani, an artist with past experience with previous Xeno titles in other franchises. Takahashi stated that, the design line of a “certain power” within the game could only be realized by Mugitani, which is why he hauled in Mr. Mugitani to bring in to assist with the design of Xenoblade Chronicles X.

“I remember when the [Xenoblade X] project was launched, the first meeting [with Mugitani] took place at a café in Tachikawa,” Takahashi said. “With each meeting, he would present extremely detailed designs, and was a great help. And as an important employee for sexy-type battle suits as well. (lol) Look forward to those, too!”

And that’s it for now, with more information of the game being revealed about the game more as the launch date approaches for 2015 (Spring in Japan), Xenoblade Chronociles X is a title which sets to aim to produce beautiful graphics and mesmerizing gameplay. How excited are you for the newest Xenoblade game? Let us know in the comment section below.http://

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