Line 3 of Amiibo’s official packaging revealed

Yesterday night we reported that Nintendo had revealed a new batch of Amiibo toys in Japan, launching with iconic characters from various series such as Fire Emblem to Xenoblade Chronicles. Now we have a closer look at the official packaging you’ll find at retailers

From every character that was revealed yesterday for wave 3 (wave 2 in Japan), here’s the official packaging to every Amiibo in that line.


                         Sheik official Amiibo packaging


Ike official Amiibo packaging


Bowser official Amiibo packaging


Lucario official Amiibo packaging


Toon Link official Amiibo packaging


Rosalina & Luma official Amiibo packaging


Sonic official Amiibo packaging


Meta Knight official Amiibo packaging


Shulk official Amiibo packaging


Mega Man official Amiibo packaging


King Dedede official Amiibo packaging

So there you have it, similar to wave 1 & 2 of the previous Amiibo’s, they’ll be in the same packaging the others will have, with the only difference being the color of the packaging depending on the character.

Have any of the Amiibo’s revealed for line 3 captivated you’re intrest? Let us know in the comment section below!

Thank NE for the pictures.

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