Luigi’s Mansion Arcade releasing in Summer 2015, and more details surface

With the story reported yesterday that Capcom was developing an arcade version of Luigi’s Mansion, it left us with a cliffhanger with what it actually would consist of.

Some of the details have surfaced onto NeoGaf, which have been translated from Japanese to English, giving us a better idea of what the game consists of. Unfortunately, no gameplay details have been revealed.

Coming Summer 2015.
 -1st person perspective. Luigi does appear in some cutscenes.
-Professor E. Gadd gives the tutorial and some in-game advice.
-Based on LM2 – Gloomy Mansion was the only mansion featured in the location test. More stages in the final game.
-Controller shaped like the Poltergust (including rectangular end), two buttons (trigger + strobe). Shake left and right to suck in ghosts.
-The main unit itself had a start button and a bomb button.

No news have been revealed on wheter the arcade version of the game is coming to the West. But if news surfaces, be sure to check back here for the latest scoop. Are you willing to give the arcade version of Luigi’s Mansion a try?

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