Capcom has high expectations for Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate; plans to ship 4 million copies

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate box art

Capcom has had big success with Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. So big that the they expect to ship out a load of copies, 4 million to be exact. Just how much have they shipped in Japan so far?

In the territory of Japan, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate has shipped 2 million copies of the game. If Capcom wants those sales to meet the near 4 million mark, needing to ship at least 2.9 copies. Can it be done? Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate had fair success on the 3DS and Wii U, so the future for Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate in the west doesn’t seem too unrealistic. Are you picking up Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate on launch date? Or are you waiting for it to get discounted?

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