Smash Bros update: 10-20-14

Another week of Smash Brothers updates have kicked off via the Smash Bros website and Miiverse. Today, Mr. Sakurai revealed some new screens for the Wii U version, showing some game modes for the game. Notice anything new and unannounced? Look at the bubble at the yellow Pikmin. It seems to be teasing the Coin Battle mode, a regular show since the Meele iteration. The other announced modes are stock and time, as seen with the red and blue Pikmin with the chat bubbles. Here’s the description Mr. Sakurai gave on Miiverse for today’s Pic of the Day.

Pic of the day. Here’s the settings menu for Rules. Comical pictures appear on the left when you go through the options, so I’ll briefly introduce them.

Mr. Sakurai gave us more insight on the screen look for the modes. Below, you’ll see both of the additional screens he posted, with an image representing each mode.


                                         Going clockwise from the top-left corner, here are the pictures that appear for Rules, Time Limit, Custom Fighters, Stage Choice, Damage Ratio, and Handicap.

                   In the Wii U version, you can customize additional rules from the beginning of the game. Here are the pictures displayed for Stock Time Limit, Team Attack, Pause Function, SD Penalty, Damage                                                                                           Display, and Score Display. You can almost hear Fox’s cry in the picture displayed for SD Penalty settings.

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