No objection here! Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy releases this December

During New York Comic Con, Capcom revealed the release date for Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy.  The game will releasing digitally only for North America on December 9th and December 11th in Europe. The trilogy will feature the Gameboy Advance and DS titles remastered into one package for the 3DS.

Additionally, Capcom released some new photos for comparison of the original versions to the Trilogy version. Check them out below. The game will be available in North America and Europe for the price of $29.99 / €29.99 / £24.99.

PWAAT_AA1_April PWAAT_AA1_Butz PWAAT_AA1_Egeworth PWAAT_AA1_Evidence PWAAT_AA1_Examine PWAAT_AA1_Fingerprinting PWAAT_AA1_Gumshoe PWAAT_AA1_Judge PWAAT_AA1_Luminol PWAAT_AA1_Maya PWAAT_AA1_Objection PWAAT_AA1_Oldbag PWAAT_AA1_Sahwit

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