Smash Bros update: 9-26-14 (new stage)

A new stage has been revealed for the Wii U version of Super Smash Bros. The stage is called Gamer and will be exclusive to the home console version. Inspired from the Wii U game Game & Wario, you’ll have to avoid the hazards such as the mom to avoid her incoming attacks, which can damage you with great impact. In the picture above, Villager and Pikachu have avoided the mom’s attack, but as for Mii Fighter, looks like he got caught playing videogames a little too late. Here’s what Mr. Sakurai had to say on Miiverse for today’s screenshot.

Pic of the day. Here’s a stage exclusive to the Wii U version: Gamer. Don’t let Mom find you while you’re duking it out!!

Sakurai also gave us another screenshot of the stage in the comment section, where he mentioned what happens when the mom spots someone. She fills with rage, pops out of the television, as shoots lasers from her eyeballs. Pretty crazy right? Additionally, you also see a nice touch to the Virtual Boy in the background. Here’s the picture and comment Mr. Sakurai posted on the comment section of his original post.

If Mom does spot you, she’ll scold you and blow you away!! …I’ve never seen a fighting action game as chaotic as this one.

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