This is how Dragon Quest X works on 3DS


With the recent announcement that Dragon Quest X will be ‘streamed’ onto the 3DS via the cloud, more details have emerged on the situation and the behind the scene works that made it possible for it to make it into the 3DS.

The way it works on 3DS can be found below
•Uses Ubitus GameCloud servers to connect
•Same version as the Android one
•Play with players who also have Dragon Quest X on Wii, Wii U, PC, and Android

“Ubitus is thrilled to bring the national flagship title from Square Enix to Nintendo’s bestselling Nintendo 3DS portable gaming console through our GameCloud technology. We are committed to provide best technology to enable gaming platform providers to offer best seamless and enjoyable gaming experience over the cloud.” – Wesley Kuo, CEO of Ubitus

Dragon Quest X is available across various platforms in Japan and their have been no indications that it will be coming to the West anytime soon, but if it does happen.


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