More Sonic Boom details revealed in a interview with Fortune Magazine

Sonic Boom is set to release exclusively for Nintendo consoles this year. With the November release date hinging closer as you read this article.

News magazine Fortune Magazine recently had the opportunity to interview some key members from the development team for Sonic Boom.

“Sonic Boom was created to harness the power of the brand across its many pillars, so that the franchise can continue to grow and thrive in an increasingly competitive marketplace,” said Marcella Churchill, senior director of marketing for Sega of America. “In a first for the Sonic the Hedgehog brand, the CG-animated TV series, video games and toy line will all operate in harmony with one another with storylines and play patterns replicated throughout.”

Sonic Boom not only plans to release in the form of videogames, but also as it’s own TV show and toy line. Will these factors help market the game? You bet. Not only for the videogames, but also for the TV show.

In example, a kid might be watching the TV show Sonic Boom and hoped their was a videogame to accompany it. Problem solved. Or vice versa, the Sonic Boom series will advertise itself with it’s many ways of usable/playable products.

“About half of Sonic’s lifetime sales have been in the U.S., approximately 35% in Europe and only 15% originate from the rest of the world, including Japan,” said Warman. “It is quite unique that a character developed in Japan gains more popularity outside its country of birth. Although the franchise has been even more popular in the past, it still ranks No. 20 in the Western world when it comes to franchises played in the last six months.”

Because Sonic has been one of the world’s biggest selling gaming icons for more than twenty years, the brand has a broad fan base ranging from today’s kids who are being brought into Sonic’s world for the first time to teens and young adults who remember growing up with Sonic,” said Willie Wilkov, chief marketing officer at Tomy. “Our core toy line is focused on kids ages 6-12, however as with all things Sonic, we anticipate it will appeal to fans well beyond the pre-teen years.”

Since 1991, the Sonic series has sold an astonishing number of more that 140 million games actors all platforms.

Hopefully Sonic Boom performs well and is a commercial success to continue being on Nintendo platforms for future releases.

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