Smash Bros update: 7-10-14

20140710-171249-61969447.jpg Today’s update gives us some insights on some juicy details. In today’s update, we saw 2 new alternate costumes for 2 different characters. We see Samus in an iron, sleek costume with a green canon as her arm canon color. Additionally, we see Mario in a multicolored suit, which makes him look like Captain America. Sakurai clarified that Mario’s look is from NES Open Tournament Golf, a game that let you golf on your NES in the 80’s. Here’s the complete description Mr. Sakurai gave on Miiverse regarding today’s screenshot:

Pic of the day. The character farther in the back isn’t from the Imperial forces, and the character in the front is not the infamous drum-playing puppet in Osaka. No, Mario is actually wearing an outfit from Family Computer Golf: U.S. Course! NES Open Tournament Golf might be a more familiar title.


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