Smash Bros update: 6-20-14

Another week has come to the conclusion once again, meaning today’s Smash Bros screenshot is the last one of the week. Without a further ado, let’s get to it. Today’s screenshot shows off Donkey Kong’s new custom move, the Storm Punch. The Storm Punch is just 1 of 12 moves he can use and also applying to the rest of the characters. The move launches a huge wave of air and blows away his opponents, Luigi and Shiek. You’ll never know what your friend’s might do when your battling with custom moves. Here’s what Mr. Sakurai had to say on Miiverse for today’s screenshot:

Pic of the day. Here’s Donkey Kong’s third standard special attack, Storm Punch!! Thanks to the customization options, each fighter is stocked with 12 different special moves. The number of attacks is pretty appalling.

Commenting on his own post, Sakurai went on to remind everybody that you’ll only be able to use custom moves when your playing single player, local multiplayer, and online with friends. Meaning that you’ll be unable to use custom moves when battling anyone randomly online. Sakurai explain that this was done due to keeping the game balanced and not feel broken. Here’s the comment Sakurai left on his own post:

We’ve made it so that customization options, including special attacks, will be disabled when you’re playing online in With Anyone mode. After all, we have to think about game balance, and it’s crucial for anonymous players to be able to use reliable tactics against one another. When you’re playing in single player, battling with friends online, or playing locally, you’re free to play however you want–with or without customization.



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