Smash Bros update: 6-19-14

Today’s screenshot gives us another look at the recently announced Pac-Man. In today’s screenshot, Pac-Man is using his special standard move, which is the Bonus Fruit. The way it functions is you get 1 fruit each move. Each fruit has a different function. Depending on the fruit, you get bonuses and the fruit works different by the way it’s thrown. As in the original Pac-Man game, whenever you collect every fruit, you get a bonus cycle. What is the bonus cycle? After using each fruit at least once, it doubles in and the waiting times for using each fruit also doubles (meaning that the charge move takes more time to use.) Here’s what Mr. Sakurai had to say on Miiverse for today’s Smash Bros screenshot update:


Pic of the day. Pac-Man’s standard special move, Bonus Fruit. As you charge this move, the bonuses will change, and all of them have different characteristics and movement patterns when thrown. The bonuses cycle in the same order as in the original game, and the charge-up period doubles once you cycle beyond the orange.



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