Super Mario 64 Remix Album gets made by some passionate fans

A true form of respect to the Nintendo 64 classic

We fondly remember videogames by their iconic characters, the tremendous gameplay, the thrilling story, and so on. But, let’s not forget another key factor: the music. Super Mario 64 is full of marvelous music and once a while it even loops in our heads at random times. Super fans (no pun intended) have together and made a Super Mario 64 album remix for the classic Nintendo console game.

Although it may not be official, it doesn’t mean it’s not great. Heck, it’s pretty darn good. The digital album features 21 tracks from the game remixed for your enjoyment. We can thank the skilled people at Overclocked Remix, a website that has remixed over 2,000 songs from over 800 games. Wow is that a lot. The album is now available for download through their website, or you can just click here for a direct download to the Super Mario 64 page.

The best part of this you can download the album for free at no charge. So you can jam out to the remixes on your desktop or even at work. If your not completely sold on the idea, be sure to watch the video below on what exactly the album contains.


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