Smash Bros update: 6-17-14

Today’s Smash Bros update, courtesy of the Super Smash Bros. website, has update us once again with a new screenshot for Super Smash Bros. Today’s screenshot is taken directly from the 3DS version and it reveals a new trophy which can be collected. The trophy comes from the Sonic series, and is Dr. Eggman’s machine he uses in combat, Eggrobo. The Eggrobo can be collected and also will be an enemy in the Smash Run mode for the 3DS. The Eggrobo machine will burst out with laser beams, so watch out! Here’s what Mr. Sakurai had to say on Miiverse for today’s Smash Bros update:

Pic of the day. Here’s Dr. Eggman’s machine, Eggrobo. It’ll appear as a guest character in Smash Run and attack you with laser beams.



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