Smash Bros update: 6-9-14

20140609-074406-27846166.jpg Today’s Smash Bros update has us prepared for E3 today, with the Nintendo Digital Event taking place today. Big news weren’t revealed for today’s Pic of the Day, instead, it was a reminder for those who missed a detail from the last Smash Bros. direct. When Greninja was revealed during the Smash Bros Direct, there were a bunch of Pokemon shown off during the video, which Sakurai confirmed will be in the game in some sort of way. Sakurai today confirmed a character that wasn’t in the reveal trailer, Meloetta. Meloetta will be making an appearance in Smash Bros for Wii U as a Pokeball Pokemon. Here’s what Mr. Sakurai had to say on
Miiverse today:

Pic of the day. Remember the video that introduced Greninja joining the battle? Every Pokémon that appeared in that video will make some kind of appearance in Super Smash Bros! By the way, here’s one of the Pokémon that didn’t make an appearance in that video–Meloetta. Its vocal attacks reflect off land forms, so they’ll be especially effective in a closed environment.


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