DS Virtual Console now available on Wii U in Japan

Ah Nintendo! You once again surprise us with a pleasant surprise. You did it with Photo’s with Mario in the United States and now you’ve done it with the DS Virtual Console. Japanese Wii U owners can now get their hands on the first Nintendo DS title, which is Brain Age. This is the original Brain Age that first released on the original DS back in 2005 that swept the casual crowd into the DS. It was a much more simpler time, before the smartphone craze took over the world.

What’s the price of the game? None. It’s free of charge for all Wii U owners in Japan. Apart from that, you can also post to the Brain Age community through Miiverse and share your progress with others.

For your enjoyment, Daan Koopman has posted a trial of him testing out Brain Age on the Wii U. No comment on when North America or Europe will get the DS Virtual Console. With E3 just 1 week away, you can be sure Nintendo will prepare releases for various games in the West also. What games do you want to be released on the DS Virtual Console?


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