Listen up Europeans! You can get a free Tomodachi demo code with the purchase of the game

Do Iwata know what he’s doing?

Why do I want a demo for my a game I bought already? You may be asking yourself that. Here’s the thing. You mayalready have planned on getting the game, but your friend with a 3DS isn’t sure, but there’s no demo on the eShop. Well problem solved! When you purchase Tomodachi Life (retail or download) you’ll get free demo codes. You can give that code to anybody on you want. You can give it to your neighbor, friend across the street, your grandma, anybody! Maybe they’ll even get the game, who knows? Surely, Tomodachi Life is a game where it requires more people for extra fun.

In the demo, you can also get a exclusive panda suit, which is not found in the game. It can although, be transferred to the full game once you acquire it.

No demo has been announced for the general public to go on the eShop and download it. So it looks like your stuck getting it this way. No offer has been announced for North America as of now. But  if it is, you can be sure to read here on the Ninty Times.


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