Smash Bros update: 5-15-14

Today’s Smash Bros. update shows us more of the hidden TV-Game 15. What is TV-Game 15? TV-Game 15 is a home entertainment system that was released in 1977, just before of the classic Space Invaders. The Assist Trophy was quietly shown for the first time during the April 8th Super Smash Bros. Nintendo Direct. The Assist Trophy will become a hazard  if you touch it, you get flinged back to the stage, but become damaged. We see Sakurai made Samus into her morph ball to be in accordance with today’s picture. Here’s what Mr. Sakurai had to say on Miiverse on today’s screenshot:



Pic of the day. The unexpected Assist Trophy, the TV-Game 15! Color TV-Game 15 is a home entertainment system that was released in 1977 in Japan before the release of Space Invaders. This is the oldest game to join the Smash Bros. series.


Additionally, Sakurai also commented on the post to further explain how the movement of the flippers work. He went on to say that they will be very complex and move precisely to players movement’s. Here’s the additional information Sakurai provided in the comment section:


Normally, controllers for these types of games had knobs with variable resistors–these allowed the players to control in-game movement by how far they twisted the knobs. The TV-Game 15 used microswitches instead. We’ve worked a little too hard to reenact the behavior of the original, so the paddles always move in linear paths with the same, consistent speed. We pay attention to such peculiar details!



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