Smash Bros update: 5-13-14


Today’s Smash Bros update includes a new move for Charizard, the fire Pokemon. Charizard uses the move Flare Blitz as one of his more powerful attacks he posses, as shown of today’s screenshot. Similar to the Pokemon series, when a Pokemon uses Flare Blitz, they are hit with recoil damage after the move is used. This is is his side-special move. And making a return is the move Rock Smash, which will be Charizard’s down special. Here’s what Mr. Sakurai had to say for today’s screenshot of the day:

Pic of the day. Here’s Charizard’s new special attack, Flare Blitz. It’s a very powerful attack–however, you’ll take recoil damage if you make contact. Pretty true to the original game, huh? Flare Blitz is Charizard’s side special move, and Rock Smash is the down special move.

One more additional screenshot was given today, showcasing Mega Charizard X as Charizard’s Final Smash. Here’s what Mr. Sakurai had to say on Mega Charizard’s X screenshot:

And here’s Mega Charizard X. This will appear as Charizard’s Final Smash.



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