Smash Bros update: 5-5-14


Today’s picture is featured in the Super Smash Bros. Ring stage. We can see Little Mac practicing his sky uppercut by himself in the ring. Who’s going to be the one who feels the wrath of the glove today? Interestingly enough, if your character has a high jumping ability, their’s a possibility that you may be able to hide in the lights. Perfect for when your going to surprise your enemy with the element of surprise. Here’s what Mr. Sakurai had to say on today’s screenshot:

Pic of the day. You can get up on the lights of this special ring. It’s a perfect secret hiding place.

Additionally, Sakurai provides with a screenshot to accompany today’s POTD. It showcases how the lights look like when a character recklessly destroys them. The stage goes dark and it’s considerably darker, while the background lights start glowing and become more noticeable. Here’s what Mr. Sakurai had to say on Miiverse for the additional screenshot of the day:



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