Mario Kart 8 soundtrack is now available for you to enjoy

NeoGaf user NeoXon has made a compilation of easy links for you to listen and jam out to Mario Kart 8 soundtrack. Its unofficial, but you can still listen to it for free on YouTube, since its unlikely Nintendo will release a digital or physical soundtrack for the game, seeing how they like to put those type of items in Japan. Just click on which one and have some easy listening for your ears and enjoy!


Maro Kart 8 Main Theme
Rainbow Road 64
Bowser’s Castle
Piranha Plant Slide
Tick Tock Clock
Rainbow Road
Bone Dry Dunes
Moo Moo Meadows
Mount Wario
Mario Kart Stadium
Mario Circuit GBA
Toad Harbor
Dry Dry Desert
Yoshi Valley
Royal Raceway
Sherbet Land
Toad’s Turnpike
Dolphin Shoals (Thanks Richie for pointing this one out for me)
Cheep Cheep Beach
Online Waiting Room
Sunshine Airport
Donut Plains 3
Shy Guy Falls
Mario Circuit
Thwomp Ruins
Sugar Ru…..Sweet Sweet Canyon
Water Park
Grumble Volcano
Music Park
DK Jungle
Cloudtop Cruise
Twisted Mansion



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