Smash Bros update: 4-29-14

Today’s Smash Bros update is now live and for the public to see. Today’s picture shows Samus, the bounty hunter, saving herself from a wipeout. She’s using her recovery move to save herself from one step closer to loosing. According to Sakurai’s post, Samus recovery move is now with a longer range, meaning it will be easier for you to recover when you are at a far distance. In case you haven’t noticed, Link is there also trying to steal Samus thunder by surviving  Are you thinking to yourself, how are they both going to survive, well, only one of them are. Multiple characters can grapple to the ledges, but as in previous Smash games, the first one to get to the actual stage will be the one who gets the lifesaver. Here’s what Mr Sakurai had to say on Miiverse for today’s screenshot:



Pic of the day. Tether recovery? Yes, you can! And from even longer range than before. Multiple fighters can latch on–who actually grabs hold is determined by the same rules as the standard ledge grab.


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