Mega Man Battle Network 3 is coming to the Wii U Virtual Console

                                                  Mega Man Battle Network

The Australian Classification Board is known for leaking some announced games by surprise sometimes. This seems to be the case,as Mega Man Battle Network was listed on the Aussie ratings website. The game originally released on the Gameboy Advance, being regarded as one of the best entry’s in that series. This is one of the more different titles, as it is a RPG instead of just the classic side scrolling in a 2D platform. Since there was 2 titles released for the same game (similar to how Game Freak releases 2 Pokemon games instead of 1), you can expect the Blue and White version to be soon coming to a Wii U console in the future. 

Although no specific release date is given, its nice to see Capcom is releasing some of the beloved classic games they have produced over the years for fans to replay them or newcomers to try them. Are you planning to get the White or the Blue version?


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