What we want in the new Smash Bros games


With the recent announcement we would be getting a Super Smash Bros. Nintendo Direct this Tuesday, our website thought it would be an excellent time to make a list what we want to be included in the games. So, without further ado, let’s get rolling.



Leaderboards would give the series an extra push for players to keep playing. Leaderboards encourage you to keep playing until you reach a goal. A way the leaderboards can be implemented in the Wii U/3DS Versions of the game. It could be separated into small different categories, such as most KO’S, most wins by region/worldwide, most play time. It would be a nice feature to have, considering Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze even had it for every level.


Nintendo have already stated that the 3DS and Wii U versions will be completely different games and therefore, not be able to interact with each other. The stages could be the same layout, with the Wii U having the best picture and the 3DS version having the 3D effect on. The stages don’t necessarily have to be completely complicated in order for this feature to work. A simple flat-terrain stage such as Battlefield could work out quite well.



Fans of Brawl thought this should of been a priority implemented to the Wii version of the game. Nintendo can release old stages after its release or add some new characters, i’m sure some of us wouldnt mind paying for some additional content, as long as the main game doesn’t feel sucked out just for the cause to have DLC. Maybe this is how Snake or Roy can make a return to the series if there is enough demand by fans.


Being able to make stages

Although sometimes the stages made in Brawl didn’t quite feeling top notch to players to duel on, it was a nice feature which let you let your imagination free and build how you want to. The Wii U version can easily take benefit for this feature. With the Game Pad’s touch functionality, placing items would be a breeze. And if you wanted to preview a stage before finalizing it, you could try it out on the Game Pad  while the item screen can be displayed on your TV. The 3DS version could also have one, but it just can’t be compared to the Wii U version’s superiority next to it.


Live Streaming

This could lead to the console having more buyers purchasing your system, in this case the Wii U. Xbox One and PS4 both support Twitch Live Streaming and PS4 has its “Share” feature, which let’s you post a pic of what you are playing Facebook and Twitter. Nintendo needs to find a partner in order for this to happen. Although they have choices on their hands. You have sites such as Twitch and YouTube who would be more than glad to help you. Players could live stream their matches and other players could cheer them on to their way to victory.


Voice Chat

Nintendo has avoid these type of things. When you think to yourself “Wow, (insert title of game here) would of been better if I could talk trash live to my buds!” All the Mario Karts, including 7, which the 3DS came with a built-in microphone, decided to not use this feature. To a certain point, its understandable, looking out for the safety of your younger player’s privacy and safety. But people on your friend list should at least be able to speak to you. Not many games have used the microphone to talk to other people since the Diamond and Pearl days and Animal Crossing: City Folk. Talking some smack to your buds would be such a bad thing after all, now would it?


Hosting Tourneys

People can join a tourney you created and duke it out. It could be a 1v1, 2v2, or even a survival mode, where you must defeat enemies round by round, trying to get as far as you can. The difficulty of the mode increases as you go to the next level. Tourneys should also have the feature to invite people on your friend list to form your own group and play till’ your hearts content.


Smash with players with the same skill as you

A smart match feature is something that would increase replay value. A smart match mode can be selected in order to go against players with similar stats as you. Maybe you won’t see anymore of those button-smashers for quite some while (phew!)


Street Pass Data Exchange

The 3DS version of the game could use the system’s Street Pass feature and exchange data between people you tag. Like Mario Kart 7, you can fight a ghost version of them. In addition, you can also see how they rank against others and their stats. This would be a nice feature for bragging rights.


Lag free online

Brawl suffered major lag disruptions during matches which enticed players to avoid the aspect of the game. The Wii U version of the game should have no problem handling the online, but the 3DS version is something to worry about. Hopefully, this feature doesn’t negatively affect either versions of the game, as many players can’t go to their house and play with them every single weekend with them. Nintendo must know this is something of top priority.



Hopefully, we should get some details regarding some of our concerns this Tuesday. Feel like I missed anything? Something you would like to see? Feel free to leave a comment below.





6 thoughts on “What we want in the new Smash Bros games

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  2. I like the idea of DLC, and I think most people do. However I’m not sure if I can call Sakurai “most people.” I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

    I think the characters I am most excited about seeing are those from Fire Emblem. I think Chrom has a good chance of making an appearance, and I hope that we can see Lucina as well.


    • Thanks for the response Jessica. I haven’t played any Fire Emblem games (yet), but I do know fans really want more characters in the Smash series. Oh by the way, nice article you wrote. Great minds think alike.


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