Nintendo releases illustrations of the Wii U’s exclusive capabilities

Family Pic

The Wii U’s advertisement’s have not been the greatest, to say the least. As retailers often confuse it with the Wii, whether its in a Weekly Ad or in stores shelf’s, something needs to be done. Thankfully, Nintendo (Japan) has released some bright and colorful pictures showing us Mario, Luigi, Peach, Toad, Yoshi, Bowser, and even Magikoopa. Nintendo is trying to cater the system for various age and gender groups. As seen below, Toad and Peach are preparing a delicious Peach cake using the Off-TV option to continue their recipe.

Maybe Toad shouldn’t put that Wii U gamepad that high

Bowser and Magikoopa are ready for some TV time. Wheter you’re in for some YouTube or catching up on a series on Hulu, there’s something waiting in store for you!

Bowser TV

The Japanese culture is still a little awesomeley old. They still have many arcades in Japan up and running and Karaoke singing is huge in Japan. Even Mario and Yoshi get in the fun! Yoshi is singing lights-out while Mario guides him via the Game Pad.

“Waffle Waffle Waffle”

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