Smash Bros update: 3-11-14 (New stage revealed)

Image Pokemon X and Y players are in for a treat this time around. Lumonise City will debut as a stage for the 3DS version of Smash Bros. Where will you be fighting in Lumonise City? According to Sakurai’s Miiverse post, players will be able to fight on top of the Prism Tower. The camera will obviously be more zoomed in, reason for it being zoomed out was for showing the whole stage appearance  Just be careful not to fall to the bottom or else your a goner! Here’s what Mr Sakurai had to say on today’s stage revealment on Miiverse:


Pic of the day. The Prism Tower rises above Lumiose City. Up until a few seconds ago, the fighters were brawling on top of that tower. No, really.





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