Coming fresh from yesterday’s Nintendo Direct, we got another glimpse at Mario’s latest sports game Mario Golf Toadstool Tour exclusively for the 3DS. In the trailer we see many stages shown, some for the first time without being firmly mentioned.

•The first stage seen is a simple island golf tour with palm trees, blossoming trees, and boulders. Mario is the character swinging the put and trying to go for the birdie.

•The second stage shown is a stage inspired from Yoshi’s New Island, a 3DS exclusive. No kind of stage reveal was said yesterday, so it’s interesting to see this make it into the 3DS golf outing. The Yoshi New Island stage is full of water puddles with a giant Yoshi egg. Donkey Kong is teeing of shot.

•The third stage shows us Mushroom Kingdom with Peach at tee. Interestingly enough, the floor is all pink with some speed boosts sparsed over the stage. With trees being all green, except one being pink. With the stage being pink like Peach’s outfit, it may indicate the stage floor ground color differs depending on who is putting.

•The fourth stage is a jungle-like ambient filled with giant Monty Moles over the stage napping. Fans of the Mario Golf game for the GameCube may remember a stage involving Monty Moles looks similar to the 3DS version. Yoshi proceeds to put the golf ball and hits on of the Monty Moles in the chest, causing to come out of its hole with its eyes wide open and then hiding in its hole.

•It was also mentioned in yesterday’s Nintendo Direct Mii’s will be usable in the game. A Mii is shows putting and ends up making it go in the water in the island stage. The Mii goes into the shop and purchases some items for himself to change his look and upgrade his stats with purchasing a Yoshi driver. He later returns to the same spot in the island stage to once again attempt to make it across the ocean, this time succeeding.

Mario Golf World Tour is releasing on 3DS/2DS on May 2 in North America and Europe.


Mario Golf World Tour Teaser Trailer and analysis

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