Nintendo of America has posted a trailer for the upcoming game Siesta Fiesta. Developed by Mojo Bones, it sets to bring this Peggle-like game to 3DS this March. Although it may look like a Peggle ripoff at first glance with its quirky animations, but in reality, it’s not. Siesta Fiests incorportaes those roots, but with it’s own twists. It has many platformer-like elements with the player having to continuiosly scrolling through the stage without making the ball(s) falling. It also has many pinball elements incorporated into it with bouncers put in parts of stages. Its level based, so it will be a story-mode like game, possibly with some secret stages. Siesta Fiesta has no price as of now, but we will keep you posted on when this is announced

Siesta Fiesta 3DS eShop trailer

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