Poke Bank & Poke Transfer now available in Europe

Image The eagerly awaited Poke Bank service is up for download in the Europe and Australian territories and New Zealand. Owners of Pokemon X or Y with games from either Pokemon Black/Black 2 or White/White 2 can use this service to get their past Pokemon for battle in the 3DS Pokemon X/Y. With the download, you get free 30-day trial to Poke Bank, which allows you to move and store up to 3,000 Pokemon. Also, you get to download the rare and legendary Celebi as a present just for downloading the Poke Bank service.

Don’t forget to also download Poke Transfer as it is needed for the process to work correctly. Poke Bank was released in January after the horrible Holiday season outage on the Nintendo servers last winter. Nintendo of America haven’t given any type of news for a Poke Bank release date, but hopefully it should be coming soon with the release in the European territories.




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