Spin the Bottle: Bumpie’s Party DLC gets a release date

Image A game that has already released is trying to a “DLC done right” model, giving previous owners future updates for free, while the price will raise for new purchasers. The time has come for those previous owners, as the Gamepad focused DLC will be available on February 13. As mentioned before, current game owners get it for free, while the price for the game has risen up to $11.99 with the DLC included. What does the DLC include? Here’s what you can expect in the next update:


  • The six new minigames that lets you photograph, tickle, twist and mime for each other, bringing the total number of minigames up to 23.
  • We are taking pictures of you while you play! View them later in the gallery for laughter or embarrassment.
  • Lots of new bonus challenges added for even more variation.
  • TV settings: finally you can decide what is shown on the TV by choosing between classic, campfire, clone or camera mode.
  • Plus lots of small tweaks and fixes

Minigame Modes coming:


Act like an Animal

A classical charades game! The GamePad shows a picture of an animal, one player has to mime it, the partner have to guess it. Can you mime a gorilla, a kangaroo or a crab? What about a unicorn, worm or a T-Rex? 

Put your Hat on

Use the GamePad screen and camera to search around the room for virtual hats placed in the air. One player positions themselves with the hat on their head. The partner simply has to take a picture.

Footie Ball

A game of two, playing ball on the GamePad, using only their feet.

Don’t Laugh

In this game the two players are playing against the audience. The goal of the players is to look into the camera and not laugh. The goal of the audience is do everything they can in order to stop the players doing just so. 

Body Twister

Player A holds the GamePad on their knee, player B touches the screen with their elbow. Player A holds the GamePad on their stomach, player B touches the screen with their nose. Player A holds the GamePad on their shoulder, player B touches the screen with their butt.

Nature Photographer

In nature photographer two players holds the GamePad at the same time standing shoulder to shoulder. They now have to search the room for a butterfly and take pictures of it. This requires tight communication and coordinated movement.




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